How To Order Trophies And Awards

To order your trophies online please follow the simple steps listed below:

Step 1

Go to the Trophies Plus website. Select a Category or type a sport or trophy style into the Search box and click on Search Trophies or use the ‘Tags’ box to search for a trophy.

Step 2

When you have found the trophy or trophies you would like to order, view each trophy in turn and then customize your trophy to choose a trophy size and add engraving details in the text box provided.

Step 3

Then click on add to cart, you’ll see the cart summary in the top right.

Go back to the category to choose further trophies if required and then repeat the steps above.

At anytime you can view the contents of the shopping cart by clicking on the ‘cart’ button in the cart summary.

Here you can add more of the same trophies or delete them and choose something different.

You can click on continue shopping and repeat the steps above to select more trophies

Tip: If you change a trophy choice you will need to re-enter the engraving details, so it may be an idea to copy and paste these to save a bit of typing.

Step 4

The cart will automatically subtract discounts when you reach the relevant order value for each discount level.

The delivery costs will also be automatically calculated, or you can choose to collect your order either at our York shop Cameo Engraving, or at The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton, Malton.

When you are ready click on ‘check out’ or ‘next’, you will then have the option of creating an account or use the Fast Checkout to purchase without registering.

Step 5

Enter your personal details, then delivery details if different. Then proceed to payment options and choose your preferred payment option from the following:

  • Paypal (for immediate online secure payment)
  • Pay by phone (contact us with your credit/debit card details)
  • BACS payment
  • Pay by cheque